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Pretty Punny Pages
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Patterns , puns and pretty pages that inspire every mood. Undefined by years, days or dates, it is more than your ordinary diary. It’s your best friend, safe space, inspiration corner all in one. The pages interact with you in unexpected, fun ways, bringing out every facet of your personality.

**Pick the patterned cover that makes your personality shine. Don’t worry, all 10 multipurpose diaries feature the same 100 pages inside. However, every page you flip promises something new and exciting. Either a pun to make you smirk, or an affirmation to make you soar. A random quote to motivate or a plain space for mindless scribbles. Solid colour pages for doodling or patterned backgrounds for scrapbooking (guess what all ten patterns are available inside each diary)! You will never be bored. It even comes with a surprise punny bookmark that can be re-used!

Designed for every stationery hoarder like me out there. Yes, you. If you're not one, you definitely know one: gift our diaries for everything from birthdays to bachelorette giveaways, influencer hampers or corporate presents and beyond.

Can’t pick just one? Get all 10!
Because, “I have enough diaries” said no one ever!

Product details
  • Cover: soft cover, matte finish and vibrant pattern print
  • Paper: 80 gsm ivory paper
  • Pages: 100 different, printed pages
  • Dimensions: 6” x 8.5”
  • Handmade with love
Pretty Punny Papers - Assorted Pack of 8
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This is my exclusive assortment of 8 pretty printed multipurpose papers with 8 punny tags to match. The printed papers and tags come as an assorted set and cannot be bought individually (just yet). But that’s the fun part… in a single bundle you can enjoy the surprise of each unique print designed for every mood, moment and imagination.

From wrapping gifts to cutting out motifs for stickers from the leftovers, from covering ordinary books in extraordinary prints to using the papers as backgrounds in your picture frames and in a million other DIY ways. It’s time to have fun with puns, prints and papers! 

PS: These prints are created by hand and are super one of a kind! Just like you! 

Simply said: Every box comes with one paper each of the 8 prints & 8 matching mini gift cards. Enjoy!

Use the hashtags #prettypunnypapers #DIYwithTWI for your creative projects using these papers!

Product details
Wrapping paper - 130 gsm, sheet size: 20”x 29”
Mini gift tags - 240 gsm, tag size: 2.5” x 2.5”

the person

I’m Maleka. I’m also known as The Wander Ink — a name inspired by my combined love for all things travel and art. I was introduced to both very young. I remember my first-ever trip was to Mauritius, at the age of three. It was love at first flight. One year later, my art debut was at a drawing class. I was smitten from the first brush stroke. When I grew up, I went to Singapore to study textile design. I fell so in love!

Fast forward a few years and I turned into an entrepreneur without realising it. I was envisioning event decor, crafting bespoke invites, illustrating with watercolours, painting on sneakers, walls,
clothing, luxury bags, cakes… literally any and every canvas I could get my hands on.
This is how The Wander Ink happened.

Oh and… 2 very important things:
I’m a stickler for time and always up for a cup of coffee!

The Brand

The Wander Ink is a one-stop-destination where you will discover one off works of art that
translate into treasures designed to last forever. Each creation is hand illustrated and painted by me, and customised across a variety of canvases. Go and have a peek inside ‘The Archives’ to browse through my work over the wander years.

If you’re inspired to get wander-inked, I am happy to be your go-to sneaker customiser, bag refurbisher, illustrator, embroiderer, pattern designer, invite and logo creator, or your everything artist. Find me on Instagram… @thewanderink and follow me to keep up with all my wander-ful adventures.

There are so many canvases in the world and so much inspiration everywhere you look. Sometimes it’s the duomo in Milan other times it’s the flower I see on my morning jog. Transforming the things around me into art is what I live to do. It could be a sneaker with a hand painted love story or a mural at a cafe, a wedding invite inundated with my favourite florals or an embroidered portrait - my love for art is to bring it to life in any and every way, The possibilities are endless.

Always looking for a new wander and a unique canvas…

I’m ever-ready for the next fun thing.
That could be a trip to an unseen wonder, a taste of a unique cuisine or painting something completely random.
I love experimenting and pushing the boundaries… painting outside the lines, and creating things that people will love at first sight. 


One of my greatest goals as The Wander Ink is to meet and collaborate with dreamers just like me.
So far I’ve had the amazing opportunity to make magic happen with a bunch of fun, accomplished, innovative brands that are here for the same reason as me… to spread our craft, message and love, and make the world a happier place! 

Condé Nast Traveller India

TWI x Sole Search India

TWI x Labelcentric

TWI x Reecee

TWI x Tipsyfly